Development Loans are for property developers seeking new lines of funding. Explore the possibilities. Keep projects moving.  Accelerate. 

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A practical and swift way to fuel property development projects, a development loan is repaid from the proceeds of the sale within the loan term.

Interest and fees are factored into the loan amount giving you peace of mind that all funding costs are sorted, and leaving you free to focus on the development.

Avoid costly delays and keep project pipelines in motion by releasing value held in residual stock. Leverage current or future asset value to fuel your next project and keep your business moving forward.

With the major banks withdrawing from the sector, keep advancing through our network of financiers. Our lenders are experienced and flexible, and can keep you moving and fuelled for growth. Discover all the options available to accelerate your business, contact us today.

A loan for you.

Success is pairing the most suitable lender to your specific business needs. Our experienced team have sifted through the mumbo-jumbo to access a diverse and quality range of products and lenders. We only need to know what your needs are. Tell us. Chat with the Influx team today.

Loan types

Development Loan
Essential bits.

$100K – $5M

6-24 Months

% rate
8.45%p.a +

28 Days+

The Pros and Cons.
We think it’s important you know where you stand from the start.

  • Supports property developments
  • Drawdowns per development schedule
  • Interest & Fee capitalisation
  • Fast credit assessment
  • Establishment & monthly fees
  • Longer assessment and implementation
  • Requires property security
  • Requires more information

Ready to grow?

Timing is everything. Having the right funds at the right time can make or break your success. Ensure you are sorted with the fuel to empower your business needs by securing a custom loan. Chat with us to explore the possibilities.

What’s Required

  1. Identification documents
  2. Financial statements
  3. Bank statements
  4. Property valuation report
  5. Plans, permits, engineering reports
  6. Credit score
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