Complexity be gone.

Influx Funding delivers personalised business finance that’s right for you and easy to do.  

Influx Funding delivers personalised business finance without the runaround. No jargon. No hassle. Just real outcomes for business owners wanting to run better business.

The process is simple; chat with us now or enter your requirements to get started. Although it wasn’t always this simple …

With a wide range of products and over 50 lenders on our books, we’ve done the hard work in searching every nook and cranny to gather and secure the best in the market.

To match quality with service, we ensure you’re never left hanging; our follow-ups and support throughout the process will have you chuffed with how much we care. Because we do.

Don’t take our word for it, get in touch and let us find the right fuel for your business. Contact us today. 

Simplified business finance without the nonsense.

1. Use Product Selector

Click ‘Get Started’ and answer a few simple questions about your business. Based on the information you supply, we respond with the best lender and loan recommendations to meet your requirements.

2. Send Loan Application

After accepting our recommendation, we’ll send your details via a secure portal to the lender. Using our portal ensures you get the quickest response. The lender will then contact you directly and progress your application.

3. Complete With Lender

Depending your needs, our lenders may require more information. Dealing directly with the lender is the quickest way to secure a loan. Once your loan is processed, we’ll be in touch to check your how your experience was. We like to ensure our clients continue to get the best services available.

4. Get Immediate Funds

Hurrah! You’ve got the funds to grow your business. But we don’t stop there. Unlike other loan providers, we continue to support you and your business through whichever channel you prefer – email, web, social media – and in person. Whatever needs you have, we want to support you.

Our extensive panel of lenders serves a full range of business scenarios. Our panel is continually improved based on your customer experience feedback. We serve a vital role in linking your business with financiers in an environment where finance can sometimes be difficult to find.

We believe every small business should be left to what they do best:

To dream, to innovate, to reach infinite heights. Without Constraint.

For those who are doing the work and need help with the resources, we know it can be tough. We’ve been there too. And that’s the difference, at Influx Funding we’ve cleared the path and left the trail.  We understand the journey.

We empower business owners with independent and personalised help to secure funding solutions. We spend time getting to know your needs, to cut through the clutter of the alternative finance market and offer a custom solution. We’re different. Solution-orientated. Trusted.

We’re for the little guys and the big guys. The dreamers. The doers. We’re for business owners who are doing the work and need help with resources; from those with grand ideas to those needing the fundamentals such as vehicles or tools.

As a source of genuine advice and guidance, we bring transparency and integrity to our services and to the finance industry. Because we can. Being independent ensures fair and unbiased options. It’s how funding and lending should be. So it is.

Business lending options for every size, situation and industry.

At Influx Funding we’ve sifted through the mess, sidestepping the fluff to emerge with high quality lenders and diverse product ranges to suit all business types and needs.

We’ve simplified the lending process to empower your success. If you know where you’d like your business to go, we can help you get there. Without fuss. Without hassle.